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A Contemporary Approach to Logic Systems Design and its Applications for Implementing Hardwired and Programmed Controllers.

Hassen, J.

In: Linkens, D.A.; et al.: Trends in Control and Measurement Education. Selected Papers from the IFAC Symposium, 1988, Swansea, UK, pages 27-32. Oxford, UK: Pergamon, 1989.

Abstract: The paper concerns experience gained in the field of logic systems design. The method introduced has been developed in order to obtain a systematic and simple synthesis without constraints. Interpreted Petri nets are utilised as a graphical means for the description of a given problem. The model obtained is then transcribed into logic expressions depending on the implementation. Finally, the implementation can be achieved using either hardwired or programmed systems. In order to simulate and to control industrial applications, universal hardwired sequencers and programmable controllers have been realised.

Keywords: programmed controller; hardwired controller; interpreted net; hardwired sequencers, (universal).

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