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DyQNtool: A Performability Modelling Tool Based on the Dynamic Queueing Network Concept.

Haverkort, B.R.; Veldhuyzenvanzanten, P.

MEMO--INF--90--26, pages 1-22 pp.. Technische Univ. Twente, Enschede (Netherlands), Vakgroep Tele-Informatica, May 1990.

Abstract: A tool for performability modeling based on the dynamic queueing network concept, an approach in which queueing network analysis and generalized stochastic Petri nets are combined, is described. With this tool dynamic queueing network models can be easily constructed. The tool takes care of the automatic translation of the dynamic queueing network model to a Markov reward model. This model is subsequently analyzed by well known techniques from the literature. The usage of the tool is illustrated by means of a large example. At the moment the DyQN tool exists in a first version.

Keywords: performability modelling; dynamic queueing network tool; generalized stochastic net; Markov reward model.

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