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Performance of Computer-Communication Systems.

Haverkort, Boudewijn R.

John Wiley and Sons, 515 pages, 1998. Web site at

Abstract: The 18 chapters of the book comprise a very wide overview of modern performance evaluation techniques and shows their applicability for the evaluation of computer and communication systems. The emphasis in the book is on the problem-solving capabilities of the models, rather than on the mathematical aspects; the models are used to understand the operation of systems. This fact plus the about 100 exercises make the book very well suited for courses on performance evaluation.

Among the techniques covered are: Little's law, stochastic processes, birth-death queueing systems, M|G|1, G|M|1, G|G|1 and PH|PH|1 queueing models, cyclic server models, open and closed queueing network models with and without load-dependent service rates (including the MVA and convolution method), BCMP networks and the QNA method, stochastic Petri nets, numerical analysis of Markov chains (steady-state and transient) and stochastic Petri nets with matrix-geometric solution, simulation techniques and the statistical evaluation of simulations.

Among the applications covered are: multiprogramming systems, ATM multiplexers with complex schedulers, central server systems, token ring systems (IBM and FDDI), connection management systems in ATM, packet-switched communication networks, reliability studies.

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