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A Petri Net Semantics for the PLC Language Instruction List.

Heiner, M.; Menzel, T.

In: Italy, August 1998: Proc. IEE Workshop on Discrete Event Systems (WODES `98), Cagliari, pages 161-165. 1998. ISBN 0-85296-710-1.

Abstract: In this paper we describe a Petri net semantics of the PLC language Instruction List (IL) defined in IEC 1131-3. This is a necessary prerequisite to be able to analyse functional and especially safety requirements of IL programs. We introduce a subset of IL (IL0) and give formal definitions as reference semantics for this subset. After this, the reference semantics is transformed into a Petri net model.

Keywords: Petri net, Programmable Logic Controller, Instruction List.

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