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Worst-case Analysis of Concurrent Systems with Duration Interval Petri Nets.

Heiner, Monika; Popova, L.

In: EKA 97, 5. Fachtagung Entwurf komplexer Automatisierungssysteme, Braunschweig, Germany, May 22-23, 1997, pages 162-179. 1997. Available at

Also as: Informatik-Bericht No. 83, pages 1-18. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, May 1997. Improved version.

Also as: 1996: Techn. Report No. I-02, pages 1-16. BTU Cottbus, February 1996.

Abstract: This paper deals with computing the minimal and maximal execution durations in a given concurrent control system in order to support dependability engineering by assuring the meeting of prescribed deadlines. For that purpose, a new type of time-dependent Petri nets - the Duration Interval Petri net - is introduced, and a dedicated reachability graph is defined in a discrete way. Using this reachability graph, shortest and largest time paths between two arbitrary states of the control system, and by this way minimal and maximal execution times, can be computed.

Keywords: system validation; qualitative and quantitative analysis; performance evaluation; worst-case analysis; time-dependent Petri nets; control systems.

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