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On Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Manufacturing Systems Using Petri Nets.

Heiner, M.; Popova-Zeugmann, L.

In: Proc. 42. Int. wissenschaftliches Kolloquium (IWK '97), Vol. 1, Ilmenau, September 1997, pages 557-562. TU Ilmenau, September 1997. ISSN 0943-7207.

Abstract: It is well-known in Petri net theory that there is generally no strong relation between the properties of qualitative and quantitative Petri net models due to the influence of time constraints on the general net behaviour. That holds for any type of time-dependent Petri net. Therefore, in order to integrate qualitative as well as quantitative analysis on a common intermediate system representation, an important feature of a related methodology is the ability of controlled maintenance of any analysis results gained during qualitative validation steps. For that purpose, this paper summarizes and explains available results on the influence of interval time on qualitative properties of Petri nets, boundedness as well as liveness.

Keywords: time Petri nets; interval times; time constraints; time independency.

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