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Petri Net Based Design and Analysis of Reactive Systems.

Heiner, Monika; Deussen, P.

In: Proc. 3rd Workshop on Discrete Event Systems (WoDES `96), Edinburgh, Aug. 1996, pages 308-313. 1996. Available at

Abstract: The development of provably error-free concurrent systems is still a challenge of system engineering. Modelling and analysis of concurrent systems by means of Petri nets is one of the well-known approaches using formal methods. To evaluate the reached practicability degree of available methods and tools to at least medium-sized systems, the authors demonstrate the step-wise development and validation of the control software of a reactive system. Strong emphasis has been laid on automation of the analyses to be done. This paper provides a brief outline of the authors' work, stressing especially analysis experience.

Keywords: Parallel software/system engineering; static analysis; Petri nets; reactive system; reliability.

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