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Petri Net Based Software Dependability Engineering.

Heiner, Monika

In: Proceedings of RELECTRONIC'95, Budapest, Oct. 1995, pages 181-186. Scientific Society for Telecommunications, 1995. Available at

Abstract: Methods of software dependability engineering can be divided into two groups - methods to improve the software dependability and methods to predict the reached degree of software dependability. Among those methods, which aim at the improvement of software dependability, the Petri net based validation techniques to avoid faults during the development phase have attract a lot of attention in the last years. Within this framework, Petri net models play the role of a common intermediate software representation, from which different validation techniques are able to start - qualitative as well as quantitative ones. Based on this experience, the approach to integrate different methods on a common representation is extended by a formal method to derive Petri net models suitable for a structure-oriented reliability prediction.

Keywords: dependability engineering; software reliability prediction; time-dependent Petri nets; quantitative analysis.

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