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A Petri Net Based Methodology to Integrate Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis.

Heiner, M.; Ventre, G.; Wikarski, D.

In: Information and Software Technology, Vol. 36, No. 7, special isssue on Software Engineering for Parallel Systems, pages 435-441. 1994. Available at

Abstract: An innovative net-based methodology to integrate qualitative and quantitative analysis of distributed software systems is outlined, and an on-going prototype implementation of a related graphic-oriented tool kit is sketched. The proposed method combines qualitative analysis, monitoring and testing as well as quantitative analysis on the basis of a net-based intermediate representation of the distributed software system under consideration. All transformations (from the distributed software system into a first Petri net model, and between the different kinds of net models) can be done formally, and therefore automated to a high degree. The evaluation of quantitative properties is based on so-called object nets which are obtained by a property-preserving structural compression and quantitative expansion of the qualitative model. Hereby, the frequency and delay attributes necessary to generate quantitative models are provided by the monitoring and testing component.

Keywords: Parallel software engineering; process-oriented imperative languages; software validation; static analysis; monitoring; testing; performance evaluation; dependability; formal methods; Petri nets; object nets.

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