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Representing Ada's Rendezvous by Annotated Petri Graphs.

Hendry, D.C.

In: Proceedings of the IEE Colloquium on `Formal and Semi-Formal Methods for Digital Systems Design' (Digest No. 014), pages 2/1-3. London, UK: IEE, 1991.

Abstract: Many hardware design languages have included concurrent constructs. Thus Hardware C provides processes which communicate via send and receive statements while Scholar provides a means of denoting parallel sections in a BCPL like language. These constructs however fall short of the expressive power of the ADA rendezvous. In particular the reusability of a design component is enhanced by the rendezvous. Previous work has been reported on the inclusion of the rendezvous construct in a synthesis system. The author shows how an annotated Petri net can be usefully used to derive efficient designs from reusable descriptions.

Keywords: Ada rendezvous; annotated net; C language; Scholar language; reusability.

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