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Rumo a um modelo conceitual completo: Redes de Petri e Diagramas E/R.

Heuser, Carlos A.; Peres, Eduardo Meira

In: Informática: Teórica e Aplicada, Vol. 1, No. 1, pages 45-77. October 1989.

Abstract: The paper describes the combined use of entity-relationship (E/R) diagrams and Petri nets for conceptual system modeling. The idea is to combine a tool for modeling static system properties with a tool aimed at the description of dynamic system properties. Petri nets can be used also for modeling static properties. Based on this fact, the semantics of E/R diagrams is given in terms of Petri nets. Further, it is shown how to extend the E/R approach using Petri nets to obtain complete conceptual models, which contain both the static and the dynamic properties of the modeled system.

Keywords: entity relationship approach; conceptual (systems) modelling.

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