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Remarks on an analysis of deadlocks in queueing networks.

Hildebrandt, K.

In: Informatik Informationen, Reporte, Inst. für Informatik und Rechentechnik: Modelling, Evaluation, and Optimization of Dependable Computer Systems, Proceedings of the 3rd Seminar, Part 2, Wendisch Rietz, Germany, Nov 20-22, 1990, pages 65-68. 1990.

Abstract: For optimal dimensioning of buffers on a line processor for packet switching nodes of a data communication system a model of the processors time behavior has been developed. It was implemented using the modelling and simulation system SATURN. The extended queueing network describes the structurally oriented model of a line processor with an application program for packet flow control. This paper discuss the deadlock analysis of a network with the help of petri nets

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