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Formalising Business Process Execution with Bigraphs and Reactive XML.

Hildebrandt, Thomas; Niss, Henning; Olsen, Martin

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science : Coordination Models and Languages, Volume 4038, 2006, pages 113-129. 2006. URL:

Abstract: Bigraphical Reactive Systems have been proposed as a meta model for global ubiquitous computing generalising process calculi for mobility such as the pi-calculus and the Mobile Ambients calculus as well as graphical models for concurrency such as Petri Nets. We investigate in this paper how Bigraphical Reactive Systems represented as Reactive XML can be used to provide a formal semantics as well as an extensible and mobile platform independent execution format for XML based business process and workflow description languages such as WS-BPEL and XPDL. We propose to extend the formalism with primitives for XPath evaluation and higher-order reaction rules to allow for a very direct and succinct semantics.

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