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A Comparison of the Expressiveness of SPA and Bounded SPN models.

Hillston, J.; Recalde, L.; Ribaudo, M.; Silva, M.

In: Proceedings of 9th International Workshop on Petri Nets and Performance Models, PNPM'01 Aachen, Sept. 11-14, 2001, Reinhard German and Boudewijn Haverkort (eds.), IEEE, pages 197-206. 2001.

Abstract: This paper presents some transformation techniques from bounded SPN systems to corresponding SPA models, preserving concurrency. Initially, a simple algorithm is introduced, showing that the obtained SPA models simulate the net systems. Then the algorithm is improved in order to keep more of the net structure, when possible. For the case of non ordinary net systems the SPA language is extended by introducing a new cooperation operator.

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