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Reduced State Space Representation for Unbounded Vector State Spaces.

Hiraishi, Kunihiko

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1091; Proc. 17th International Conference in Application and Theory of Petri Nets (ICATPN'96), Osaka, Japan, pages 230-248. Springer-Verlag, June 1996.

Abstract: This paper presents a new method for computing reduced representation of vector state spaces consisting of infinitely many states. Petri nets are used as a model for generating vector state spaces, and the state space is represented in the form of semilinear subsets of vectors. By combining the partial order methods with the proposed algorithm, we can compute reduced state spaces which preserve some important properties, such as liveness of each transition and the existence of deadlocks. The state space of a finite capacity system can be viewed as that of an infinite capacity system projected to the states satisfying the capacity condition. We also show that the proposed algorithm is applicable to vector state spaces with finite capacities.

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