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High-Level Nets with Nets and Rules as Tokens.

Hoffmann, Kathrin; Ehrig, Hartmut; Mossakowski, Till

In: Gianfranco Ciardo, Philippe Darondeau (Eds.): Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 3536: Applications and Theory of Petri Nets 2005: 26th International Conference, ICATPN 2005, Miami, USA, June 20-25, 2005., pages 268-288. Springer Verlag, June 2005.

Abstract: High-Level net models following the paradigm "nets as tokens" have been studied already in the literature with several interesting applications. In this paper we propose the new paradigm "nets and rules as tokens", where in addition to nets as tokens also rules as tokens are considered. The rules can be used to change the net structure. This leads to the new concept of high-level net and rule systems, which allows to integrate the token game with rule-based transformations of P/T-systems. The new concept is based on algebraic high-level nets and on the main ideas of graph transformation systems. We introduce the new concept with the case study "House of Philosophers", a dynamic extension of the well-known dining philosophers. In the main part we present a basic theory for rule-based transformations of P/T-systems and for high-level nets with nets and rules as tokens leading to the concept of high-level net and rule systems.

Keywords: High-level net models; algebraic high-level nets; nets and rules as tokens; integration of net theory and graph transformations; case study: House of Philosophers; algebraic specifications; graph grammars and Petri net transformations.

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