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Efficient Synthesis of Control Logic for a Class of Discrete Event Systems.

Holloway, L.E.; Krogh, B.H.

In: Proceedings of the 1989 American Control Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Vol. 3, pages 2672-2677. Piscataway, NJ, USA: IEEE Service Center, 1989.

Abstract: A computationally efficient solution for a class of forbidden state problems is developed. The authors consider discrete event systems (DESs) which can be modeled as cyclic controlled marked graphs. The distributed representation of the DES state in terms of the CMG marking permits an efficient specification of the forbidden states. It is shown that the graphical representation of the state transition logic in a CMG can be used to synthesize state feedback logic. An application of the results is illustrated in the field of FMS.

Keywords: control logic; discrete event system; forbidden state; cyclic controlled marked graph; state transition logic; state feedback; flexible manufacturing system.

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