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Modelling a Mobile Robot with Timed Petri Nets.

Honderd, G.; Houck, M.E.; Jongkind, W.; van den Herik, H.J.; Kerckhoffs, E.J.H.

In: Huntsinger, R.C.; Karplus, W.J.; Kerckhoffs, E.J.; Vansteenkiste, G.C.: Simulation Environments and Symbol and Number Processing on Multi and Array Processors. Proceedings of the European Simulation Multiconference, pages 337-342. SCS Eur, Ghent, Belgium, 1988.

Abstract: Problems on parallel processing can be approached through simulation. Timed Petri nets make it possible to determine the lower bound of the process period as well as the upper bound. In this paper it is concluded that Petri nets are a useful addition to the tools available for simulation.

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