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Analysis and Evaluation of Non-Markovian Stochastic Petri Nets.

Horváth, András; Puliafito, Antonio; Scarpa, Marco; Telek, Miklós

In: LNCS 1786: Computer Performance Evaluation, Modelling Techniques and Tools, pages 171-pp. 11th International Conference, TOOLS 2000, Schaumburg, IL, USA, March 2000. Proceedings / Boudewijn R. Haverkort, Henrik C. Bohnenkamp, Connie U. Smith (Eds.) --- Springer Verlag, 2000.

Abstract: In order to extend their applicability to more complex situations, in this paper we present a new approach for the analysis of non-Markovian Stochastic Petri Net (NMSPN) models, which is based on a discrete time approximation of the stochastic behavior of the marking process. The proposed approach, which resulted in a new modeling tool for the analysis of NMSPNs called WebSPN, allows to analyze a wider class of PN models with prd, prs and pri concurrently enabled generally distributed transitions. This implies the possibility of dealing with very complex systems with arbitrarily distributed events with very complex interrelations among each other. The adopted technique is described, an application example is solved and the results are carefully analyzed in order to demonstrate the validity of the proposed approach.

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