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Stochastic object-oriented Petri nets (SOPNs) for reliability modeling of manufacturing systems.

Jaing, Z.; Zao, M.J.; Fung, R.Y.K.

In: Proc. 1999 IEEE Canadian Conf. on Engineering Solutions for the Next Millennium, 9-12 May 1999, Edmonton, AB, pages 1471-1476. 1999.

Abstract: The paper proposed stochastic object-oriented Petri nets (SOPNs) by associating the OPN of an object with stochastic transitions and introducing stochastic places. SOPNs of production resources are constructed to model their reliability. The SOPN model of a case production system is built to illustrate the relationship between the system's performances and the failures of individual production resources.

Keywords: object-oriented Petri nets, stochastic Petri nets, stochastic places.

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