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Object-oriented Petri nets with changeable structure (OPNs-CS) for production system modeling.

Jiang, Z.; Zuo, M.J.; Tu, P.Y.; Fung, R.Y.K.

In: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 15, No. 6, pages 445-459. 1999.

Abstract: The paper proposes object-oriented Petri nets with changeable structure (OPNs-CS) for effective modeling of production systems with changing structures. Two mechanisms for carrying out the structural changes in OPNs-CS are defined. One is for the modification of message-passing relationships between distinct OPNs and the other is for adding of OPNs to, and the removing of OPNs from, a model. A case study is provided to show that OPNs-CS can cope with both the uncertainties which may exist during the model building phase of a one-of-a-kind production system and the structural changes of the system which often occur while the production system is in operation.

Keywords: object-oriented Petri nets, production system modeling.

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