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Characterizing Liveness of Petri Nets in Terms of Siphons.

Jiao, Li; Cheung, To-Yat; Lu, Weiming

In: J. Esparza, C. Lakos (Eds.): Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2360: 23rd International Conference on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets, Adelaide, Australia, June 24-30, 2002, pages 1-203ff. Springer Verlag, June 2002.

Abstract: Several new characterizations relating the liveness, liveness monotonicity and siphons of general and asymmetric choice nets are first proposed in this article. The first major one states that, if a pure ordinary net satisfies liveness monotonicity, then every siphon of it contains at least one trap. The second major one characterizes the non-liveness of an individual transition of a homogeneous asymmetric choice net in terms of some properties of its siphons. Then, based on these new characterizations, extension and new proofs for several existing characterizations of asymmetric choice nets are given.

Keywords: Asymmetric choice net, characterization; homogeneous; live; liveness monotonicity; Petri net; siphon.

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