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Requirements Engineering for the Adviser Portal Bank System.

Jorgensen, Jens Bæk; Lassen, Kristian Bisgaard

In: 13th Annual IEEE International Symposium and Workshop on Engineering of Computer Based Systems (ECBS'06), 2006, pages 259-268. 2006. URL:,.

Abstract: The Adviser Portal (AP) is a new IT system for 15 Danish banks. The main goal of AP is to increase the e..ciency and quality of bank advisers' work. Requirements engineering for AP includes describing new work processes that must be supported by AP using a combination of: (1) prose and informal drawings; (2) formal models; (3) graphical animation. This representation helps users and systems analysts to align new work processes and AP via early experiments in a prototyping fashion. The contribution of this paper is to present and reflect upon the analysis and description of one specific, important work process.

Keywords: Modelling and simulation of computer systems; requirements elicitation and analysis; industrial case study; formal models; Petri nets..

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