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On the stochastic timed Petri nets model and its application to the DQDB protocol.

Juanole, G.; Atamna, Y.; Carmo, R.L.R.

In: Annales des Telecommunications - Annals of Telecommunications, Vol. 49, No. 5-6, pages 324-336. 1994.

Abstract: The goal of this paper is twofold : at first, to present the stochastic timed Petri nets model by emphasizing its ability to express the main characteristics of real time distributed systems (parallelism, synchronization by message exchange, time attributes and in particular time constraints) and to allow both qualitative and quantitative analysis (concept of randomized states graph); second, to show a modeling methodology based on this model that allows a rigorous modeling of the DQDB protocol (QA access, BWB mechanism role, PA access influence). A new contribution to the QA mechanism has been done (1).

Keywords: distributed systems, real-time systems, stochastic Petri nets, timed petri nets, transmission protocols.

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