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Design if the ISO Class 0 transport protocol: a stepwise refinement based approach.

Kahlouche, H.; Girardot, J.-J.

In: Tempe, AZ: Proc. IEEE Int. Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference (PCCC'97), 5-7 February 1997, Phoenix, pages 363-370. 1997.

Abstract: The paper presents the design steps of the ISO Class 0 transport protocol. A protocol synthesis algorithm is used for this purpose. This algorithm is based on stepwise refinement of specifications written in an interpreted Petri net model. The starting point for the design is the specification of the ISO transport service. The main advantage of this design strategy is that the correctness of the designed protocol is guaranteed.

Keywords: ISO Class 0, communication protocols, interpreted Petri nets, stepwise refinements, transport protocols.

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