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Resource Allocation in Large Man-Machine Organizations.

Kapasouris, P.; Serfaty, D.; Deckert, J.C.; Wohl, J.G.

In: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, 1989, Cambridge, MA, USA; Vol. 1, pages 383-389. New York, NY, USA: IEEE 1989, 1989.

Abstract: The authors present an algorithm to map processes onto organizations. The organization consists of resources and communication links. The objective is to minimize the completion time of the terminal process without violating the constraints which are defined in terms of the requirements of the processes and the capabilities of the resources. The organization performing the processes is then simulated using Petri nets. The simulation model can be generated automatically from the definition of the organizational structure and the solution of the process mapping problem.

Keywords: resource allocation; man-machine system; communication link; process requirement; resource capability.

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