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Detection of Parallelism in a System Using Petri Nets.

Khalil, I.; Qureshi, I.; Ghosh, I.; Saeed, M.; Sai, K.; Singh, H.

In: Computers, Computer Architecture and Microprocessors in Education Modeling and Simulation. Proceedings of the Twenty-First Annual Pittsburgh Conference, 1990, Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Part 3, pages 1039-1044. San Diego, CA, USA: Soc. for Computer Simulation Int., 1990.

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to develop parallel processing algorithms for software engineering. In particular an algorithm has been developed which will identify parallelism in a software using Petri nets. Besides identifying parallelism, the algorithm will determine data flow paths which will help in determining communication and computation time so as to have an estimation about the degree of parallelism. The algorithm has been implemented on an ASP (Alternating Sequential and Parallel) system.

Keywords: parallelism detection algorithm; data flow path; alternating sequential (and) parallel system.

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