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Merged Processes - A New Condensed Representation of Petri Net Behaviour.

Khomenko, Victor; Kondratyev, Alex; Koutny, Maciej; Vogler, Walter

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 3653, pages 338-352. 2005.

Abstract: Model checking based on Petri net unfoldings is an approach widely applied to cope with the state space explosion problem. In this paper we propose a new condensed representation of a Petri net's behaviour called merged processes, which copes well not only with concurrency, but also with other sources of state space explosion, viz. sequences of choices and non-safeness. Moreover, this representation is sufficiently similar to the traditional unfoldings, so that a large body of results developed for the latter can be re-used. Experimental results indicate that the proposed representation of a Petri net's behaviour alleviates the state space explosion problem to a significant degree and is suitable for model checking.

Keywords: Merged processes; Petri net unravelling; Petri net unfolding; state space explosion; model checking; formal verification.

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