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Service-Oriented Design with Aspects (SODA).

Kim, Tae-Hyung; Chang, Carl K.

In: 2005 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC'05), Vol-1, pages 319-324. 2005.

Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a service-oriented design method by integrating the concept of aspects, which is called Service-Oriented Design with Aspects (SODA) in order to utilize services and aspects as fundamental and abstract elements in the design phase of software lifecycle. The service model is represented in the structural and behavior views using UML with its extension mechanism and Petri net respectively. Aspects are used to capture service-specific concerns required for delivering high-quality and user-friendly services. By weaving services and aspects, we can generate various versions of a service system as well as their Petri net based service semantics that also facilitates the verification of service design results. We exemplify a service design result of SODA by applying it to a supply-chain management application.

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