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Identifying state coding conflicts in asynchronous system specification using Petri net unfoldings.

Kondratyev, A.; Cortadella, J.; Kishinevsky, M.; Lavagno, L.; Taubin, A.; Yakovlev, A.

In: Proc. 1998 Int. Conf. on Application of Concurrency to System Design (CSD'98), 23-26 March 1998, Fukushima, Japan, pages 152-163. 1998.

Abstract: State coding conflict detection is a fundamental part of synthesis of asynchronous concurrent systems from their specifications as signal transition graphs (STGs), which are a special king of labeled Petri nets. The paper develops a method for identifying state coding conflicts in STGs, that is intended to work within a new synthesis framework based on Petri net unfolding. The latter offers potential advantages due to a partial order representation of highly concurrent behavior as opposed to the more traditional construction of a state graph, known to suffer from combinatorial expansion. A necessary condition for coding conflicts to exist is developed by using an approximate state covering approach. Being computationally easy, yet conservative, such a solution may produce fake conflicts. A technique for refining the latter, with extra computational cost, is provided.

Keywords: Petri net unfolding, asynchronous systems, state coding conflict detection, system specifications.

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