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Petri Net Approach to Software Analysis.

Kotadia, Rajesh; Fingal, Michael; Verma, Anoop; Singh, Jasjit K.; Tecos, George P.

In: Computers, Computer Architecture and Microprocessors in Education Modeling and Simulation. Proceedings of the Twenty-First Annual Pittsburgh Conference, 1990, Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Part 3, pages 1021-1025. San Diego, CA, USA: Soc. for Computer Simulation Int., 1990.

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to develop the different phases of software engineering from Petri net state equation. In particular, the A-matrix of Murata State equation has been exploited for determination of different parameters of software engineering. Emphasis has been given to the A-matrix in this paper to define various terms normally used in the area of software engineering, eg. the complexity, controllability, the paths connecting places and transitions.

Keywords: software analysis; software complexity; net state equation.

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