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Synthesis of Feedback Control Logic for Discrete Manufacturing Systems.

Krogh, B.H.; Holloway, L.E.

In: Automatica, Vol. 27, No. 4, pages 641-651. July 1991.

Abstract: In this paper the state transition logic for the manufacturing equipment is represented by a class of controlled Petri nets (CtlPN) with external inputs to be determined by the control synthesis algorithm. The authors formulate the forbidden state control problem in the CtlPN context and present an algorithm for generating maximally permissive controls which guarantee the system will avoid the forbidden states while permitting a maximal amount of flexibility in the system operation. The problem formulation and control synthesis algorithm is illustrated for an example of AGV co-ordination.

Keywords: feedback control logic (for) discrete manufacturing system; state transition logic; controlled net; forbidden state control problem; maximally permissive control generation; automated guided vehicle.

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