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Functional Equivalence Between Coloured Petri Nets, Neural Networks, and Fuzzy Systems.

Krotsch, S.; Halgamuge, S.K.

In: Proc. 5th European Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Soft Computing (EUFIT'97), Vol. 2, 8-11 September 1997, Aachen, Germany, pages 1024-1028. Verlag Mainz, 8-11 September 1997. ISBN 3-89653-200-6.

Abstract: The problem of combining the advantages of three modelling techniques (Coloured Petri Nets - CPN, Neural Networks - NN and Generalised Fuzzy Sytems - GFS) is investigated. Considering the effort to be made when extending modelling techniques, it seems the far more consistent method to make use of existing techniques without changing them. Hence the approach is rather to translate the models to the equivalent represenation of another modelling technique than to define new, combined techniques. From the explanation of the three techniques in scope, possible transformation paths between them are disucssed. The functional equivalence between Coloured Petri Nets and Fuzzy Systems provide the missing link for the proper transformation between models.

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