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An Approach Towards Distributed Simulation of Timed Petri Nets.

Kumar, D.; Harvus, S.

In: WSC'90. Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference, 1990, New Orleans, USA, pages 428-435. 1990.

Abstract: The authors present a model of Timed Petri Nets which is more general than known models in terms of modeling convenience. The model consists of simple but fairly general modules. After discussing this model, the authors present an approach towards its distributed simulation. The well known distributed simulation schemes for discrete event systems do not directly apply to these systems due to non-autonomous nature of place nodes in Timed Petri Nets. Moreover, the approach incorporates several ideas to increase the degree of concurrency and to reduce the number of overhead messages in distributed simulation.

Keywords: distributed simulation (of) timed net; discrete event system; concurrency degree increase.

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