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Efficient Computerized Petri Net Approach for the Enumeration of the Sets of Path Identifiers for Reliability Analysis of Broadcasting Networks.

Kumar, Vinod; Aggarwal, K.K.

In: Int. J. Syst. Sci., Vol. 21, No. 7, pages 1239-1248. July 1990.

Abstract: The proposed method is applicable to ST-connectivity, SKT-connectivity and SAT-connectivity problems. The sets of path identifiers are generated in ascending order of cardinality. The proposed method directly obtains the sets of path identifiers for SKT- and SAT-connectivity problems without the necessity of generating the ST-minimal path sets. In comparison to the previously published approach, the algorithm is conceptually simpler and requires less computer time and memory space. Examples have been provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method.

Keywords: path identifier, (enumeration of sets of) broadcasting network; reliability analysis; ST-minimal path set; ST, SKT, SAT connectivity; FORTRAN-77.

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