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Computer-Aided Modelling of FMSs.

Kus, J.; Banaszak, Z.

In: Prace Naukowe Instytutu Cybernetyki Technicznej Politechniki Wroclawskiej, Seria: Konferencje No. 38; Third National Conference on Robotics, 1990, Wroclaw, Poland, pages 243-249. 1990. In Polish.

Abstract: The design and operation of CAMPES (computer-aided modelling and Performance Evaluation System for FMS) is presented. Modelling and simulation algorithms used by the system are based on the Petri net formalism. They are aimed at the analysis and synthesis tasks which occur during the processes of FMS designing and exploitation.

Keywords: computer-aided modelling (of) flexible manufacturing system; CAMPES, computer aided modelling and performance evaluation system (for FMS).

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