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Reuse, Standardization, and Transformation of Requirements.

Laguna, Miguel A.; López, Oscar; Crespo, Yania

In: Proceedings of Software Reuse: Methods, Techniques and Tools: 8th International Conference, ICSR 2004, Madrid, Spain, July 5-9, 2004, pages 329-338. Volume 3066 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Jan Bosch, Charles Krueger (Eds.) --- Springer-Verlag, June 2004.

Abstract: Correct requirements determination is a critical factor in software development. Having stored reusable requirements elements, both qualified and classified, in a repository might contribute to reducing the error probability in requirements specifications but the diversity of requirements formats is a constraint for their reuse. To solve this problem, a common requirements model allowing the standardization and transformation of some types of requirements in others is presented. The transformations use an intermediate representation based on Petri nets, which provides rigor to the models and allows its consistency to be checked. Transformation algorithms are defined and implemented as part of a requirements management and reuse tool.

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