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Optimal control of (min,+) linear time-varying systems.

Lahaye, S.; Boimond, J.-L.; Hardouin, L.

In: Proc. 8th Int. Workshop on Petri Net and Performance Models (PNPM'99), 8-10 October 1999, Zaragoza, Spain, pages 170-178. 1999.

Abstract: The class of discrete event dynamic systems involving only synchronization phenomena can be seen as linear time-invariant systems in a particular algebraic structure called (min,+) algebra. In the same framework, this paper deals with linear time-varying systems, that is, systems whose parameters may change as functions of time. For example, in a manufacturing system the number of working machines, or the number of trains running in a closed network of railway connections, can vary as functions of time. For such systems, the output tracking problem is optimally solved under just-in-time criterion.

Keywords: discrete event dynamic systems, just-in-time control, time-varying systems.

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