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Markovian Petri Net Protocols with Product Form Solution.

Lazar, Aurel A.; Robertazzi, Thomas G.

In: Performance Evaluation, Vol. 12, No. 1, pages 67-77. January 1991.

Abstract: A class of Markovian Petri net (MPN) models whose equilibrium state probabilities satisfy detailed (local) balance equations is presented. Examples of their applicability include a bus oriented multiprocessor model, a version of the classical dining philosophers problem and an alternating bit protocol model. The natural topological space for embedding the state transition lattices for the class of MPNs is shown to be multidimensional toroidal manifold.

Keywords: Markovian net protocols (with) product form solution; equilibrium state probability; bus oriented multiprocessor; dining philosophers; alternating bit protocol; state transition lattice; toroidal manifold.

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