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Towards the verification of scenarios with time Petri nets.

Lee, J.; Pan, J-I, Kuo, J-Y.; Fanjiang, Y-Y.; Yang, S.

In: Proc. 24th Annual Int. Computer Software and Applications Conf. (COMPSAC-2000), 25-27 October 2000, Taipei, Taiwan, pages 503-508. 2000.

Abstract: The focus of this paper is on the use of time Petri nets to serve as the verification mechanism for the acquired scenarios. Use cases are used to elicit the user needs and to derive the scenarios. After specifying all possible scenarios, each of them can be transformed into its corresponding time Petri net (TPN) model. Through analysis of these TPN models, wrong and missing information in scenarios can be detected. The proposed approach is illustrated by a course registration problem domain.

Keywords: scenario verification, time Petri nets, use cases.

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