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Petri-Netz-Methoden und -Werkzeuge.

Leszak, M.; Eggert, H.

Informatik Fachberichte Nr. 197. Springer-Verlag, 1989.

Abstract: The report contains a classification of Petri nets and Petri net analysis methods; and it presents an evaluation of software tools, where the main features considered are the realized net class, the specification interface, the invariants analysis, the reachability analysis, the performance verification by Markov chain analysis, simulation, program and net generation, and net reduction. The following tools are discussed: For Predicate/Transition-Nets (PRT-Nets): NETLAB, PESYS, PETRIPOTE, PETSI, PRENA, PROVER, PRT-PROLOG, SERPE; for Stochastic PRT-Nets: AISPE, ESP, GreatSPN, GTPN, NET, RDPS; for other net types: DAIMI, DEMON, FUN-GNED, GALILEO, ISAC/GRAPH, P-NUT, PROSIT, PROTEAN, RAFAEL.

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