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Fault-Tolerant Software Reliability Modeling Using Petri Nets.

Leu, Shao-Wei; Fernandez, E.B.; Khoshgoftaar, T.

In: Microelectronics and Reliability, Vol. 31, No. 4, pages 645-667. 1991.

Abstract: The paper proposes reliability models using timed Petri nets for a variety of fault-tolerant software, including mechanisms such as recovery blocks, N-version programming, and some variations. The reliability of each model is evaluated using a package based on Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets. The numerical results are then analyzed and compared. A recovery block with independent tests can reach a higher level of reliability. The coverage factor of the acceptance test is identified as the most critical parameter affecting reliability. For N-version programs and consensus recovery blocks the most significant factor is the correlation between the errors in different versions.

Keywords: fault-tolerant software reliability modelling (using) net(s); timed net; recovery block; generalized stochastic net tool; coverage factor; error correlation.

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