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Real-Time System Design.

Levi, Shem-Tov; Agrawala, Ashok

New York, NY, USA: McGraw-Hill, Inc., 299 pp. pages, 1990.

Abstract: The book covers pratically every facet of real-time system design. The book is divided into four major parts and an epilogue. The first part introduces some basics of time handling, objects, and calendars. Part 2 contains analyses of some major application subjects such as the life cycle, language support, and verification. It also includes some design methodologies and covers Petri net models. Part 3 is devoted to real-time operating systems; the authors cover verification and fault tolerance and introduce proven algorithms and deal with communication characteristics and communication protocols. Part 4 integrates all of the above topics into the design of a real-world, hard real-time operating system, MARUTI.

Keywords: real-time system design; net theory (introduction and overview).

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