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Logical Inference of Horn Clauses in Petri Net Models.

Lin, C.; Chaudhury, A.; Whinston, A.; Marinescu, D. C.

In: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Volume 5, Issue 3, pages 416-425. IEEE Educational Activities Department, June 1993.

Abstract: Petri net models for the Horn clause form of propositional logic and of first-order predicate logic are studied. A net model for logical inconsistency check is proposed. Algorithms for computing T-invariants of Petri net models of logical inference systems are investigated. The algorithms are based on the idea of resolution and exploit the presence of one-literal, pure-literal, and splitting clauses to lead to faster computation. Algorithms for computing T-invariants of high-level Petri net (HLPN) models of predicate logic are presented.

Keywords: Horn clauses; Petri net models; Petri nets; T-invariants; first-order predicate logic; inference mechanisms; logical inconsistency check; logical inference; net model; one-literal; propositional logic; pure-literal; resolution; splitting clauses.

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