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Modeling of priority queueing service in discrete event systems using hybrid Petri nets.

Lin, M.-H.; Fu, L.-C.

In: Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC'99), 12-15 October 1999, Tokyo, Japan, Vol. 1, pages 818-823. 1999.

Abstract: This paper proposes a hybrid Petri nets (HPN) that extends the framework of the original colored generalized stochastic Petri net by hiding queues in special places. The hybrid Petri net contains ordinary tokens and control tokens. Tokens of both these types can be exogeneous, or can be obtained by a Markovian movement of a token from one place to another after firing a transition. A control token forces an ordinary token to move instantaneously to another place according to a Markovian routing rule. It is shown that this new class of Petri nets has product form stationary solution, and the nonlinear token flow equations which govern the flow are derived. The stability of hybrid Petri nets is discussed in this new context.

Keywords: discrete-event systems, hybrid Petri nets, priority queueing service.

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