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Developing virtual environments for industrial training.

Lina, Fuhua; Yeb, Lan; Duffy, Vincent G.; Su, Chuan-Jun

In: Information Sciences 140 (1-2), pages 153-170. January 2002.

Abstract: Virtual reality-based training systems (VRTSs) are advanced computer-assisted training systems using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. To have better structure and easier implementation, a virtual training system can be modeled as an integrated system consisting of a training task-planning module, an instruction module, a simulation module, a performance evaluation module, and an interface module. Presented in this paper are an architecture of VR-based training systems and a practical knowledge modeling approach to modeling the training scenarios of the systems by using Petri nets formalism. A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling operations virtual training prototype system was developed to illustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of this approach.

Keywords: Petri nets; Virtual reality; Virtual training; Virtual environment; Knowledge modeling.

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