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Combining Deterministic and Stochastic Petri Nets and Product-Form Queueing Networks for Evaluating Gracefully Degradable Systems.

Lindemann, C.; Hommel, G.

Report 90--39 des Fachbereichs 20, Informatik, pages 1-15 pp.. Berlin, Germany: Technische Universität, 1990.

Abstract: This paper introduces an approach for determining the performability of repairable degradable systems based upon combining Deterministic and Stochastic Petri Nets (DSPNs) and product-form queueing network models. The novel feature of the proposed modeling technique lies in its detailed representation of the transient behavior during a reconfiguration process. The employment a hierarchical decomposition technique leads to an exact solution because there is no interaction between a flow-equivalent transition and the complementary subnet of the compact DSPN. To illustrate the modeling technique the authors consider a closely-coupled multicomputer system.

Keywords: deterministic stochastic net; product-form queueing network; degradable system evaluation; performability (of) repairable system(s) reconfiguration process; hierarchical decomposition technique; subnet; compact net; coupled multicomputer system.

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