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Higher-Order Object Nets and their Application to Workflow Modeling.

Löwe, M.; Wikarski, D.; Han, Y.

In: Forschungsbericht 95-34, pages 1-50. FB Informatik, TU Berlin, December 1995.

Abstract: In this paper, a new petri-net-based process modeling language called Higher-Order Object Nets is proposed. This class of Petri nets can better cope with some special modeling demands of workflow systems without loss of generality. After the introduction, the paper begins with definitions of workflow systems and workflow management systems and with a discussion about some modeling demands with which the traditional Petri nets have difficulties. Thereafter, the application of Higher-Order Object Nets is suggested and some further developments w.r.t. Higher-Order Nets and Object Nets are presented. The connection of the object-oriented concepts to Petri nets is also going to be further investigated. To describe the static structural aspects of application domains, an object model and an organization model are incorporated into our methodology. Finally, based on the interpretation of Higher-Order Object Nets and DOC (Distributed Object Computing), a workflow management system architecture is proposed.

Keywords: Petri nets; Higher-order object nets; distributed object computing; workflow management.

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