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Textual Interchange Format for High-Level Petri Nets.

Lyngsø, Regnar Bang; Mailund, Thomas

In: CPN, Aarhus, Denmark, 10-12 June 1998 / Jensen, K.: Daimi PB-532: Workshop on Practical Use of Coloured Petri Nets and Design, pages 47-64. Aarhus University, 1998.

Abstract: In this paper a text format for High-Level Petri Net (HLPN) diagrams is presented. The text format is designed to serve as a platform-independent file format for the Design/CPN tool. It is consistent with the forthcoming standard for High-level Petri Nets. The text format may also be seen as our contribution to the development of an open, tool-independent interchange format for High-level Petri nets. The text format will make it possible to move Design/CPN diagrams between all supported hardware platforms and versions. It is also designed to be a bridge to other Petri Net tools, e.g., other analysis tools which the user may want to use with Design/CPN diagrams. The proposed text format does not address any standardisation for the inscription language used in the diagram. It is, however, possible to extend the format to incorporate such a standardisation. The text format is designed for the exchange of Hierarchical Coloured Petri Nets but the structure is general enough to cope with other High-level Petri Nets as well. The text format presented here has been implemented as part of Design/CPN version 3.1.

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