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Re-Vision: a methodology and tool for parallel computations.

Ma, X.; Hintz, T.

In: Proc. 28th Annual Hawaii Int. Conf. on System Sciences; Vol. 2: Software Technology, 3-6 January 1995, Wailea, HI, pages 369-378. 1995.

Abstract: This paper describes Re-Vision, a software engineering methodology and a supporting computer environment for parallel computations based on the behavior-oriented formalism. A key feature provided by the environment is support for multiple views of the problem. Two levels of data transformations are supported: metamodeling and modeling. At the metamodeling level, methods used to construct different views of a given problem are specified. At the modeling level, tools to build different models for a given problem are introduced. Petri nets, dataflow diagrams and process graphs are examples of such model abstractions. In the Re-Vision environment, a set of computerized tools support data transformations from methods to metamodels and models. The Re-Vision environment thus provides a complexity reduction of the data transformation and user interfaces between different tools for the design and analysis of parallel computations.

Keywords: Re-Vision, colored Petri nets, data transformations, parallel computing.

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